"Friday was my first time at Holistic Touch Center and I had the pleasure of working with Jeanie. Not only did I receive a personable session with her but she was able to help me on an emotional level as well as physical. The establishment itself felt like home, and the environment was welcoming and made you feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Jeanie and Holistic Touch for your relaxation needs. I look forward to being a return client in the near future." Felicia S.

"Jeanie, I can not thank you enough. My neck feels so much better. It’s almost unbelievable. I am taking less Aleve and am able to function throughout the day. You are a life saver. I’m looking forward to Wednesday and working together to balance my body. You’re amazing!!" Tara

"Thank you Jeanie for the extra care and time you took during my first acupuncture session. My back pain has decreased at least 50% and the herbal formula you recommended is perfect. I just booked another appointment with you! " Sara R.

"You are a miracle worker! Love those cups and magic needles" Angie S.

"Jeanie, You’re my healing angel, truly. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and looking forward to seeing you again soon." Krista S.

"Jeanie, Thank you! You have a gift. I’m taking a much happier outlook to Texas." Edna R.

"Jeanie -Thank you so much for all of your updates. I need to make an appointment in the next few weeks, but life has been busy! The two sessions I had with you were so successful that it has been months of a pain free life! :)" Kate B.

"Jeanie is wonderful!! I have been to her a handful of times for various issues in hopes that acupuncture would help and it has. She is very attentive and asks lots of questions. She made me feel very comfortable as come of the questions are pretty personal and can be a little embarrassing. I haven’t tried any of the other services there but the waiting room smells great and has lots of fun holistic things to look at while I wait." Jess P.

"I am a musician and wrist and shoulder pain was slowing down my career. I asked a few friends and they recommended Jeanie Mossa, an acupuncturist at Holistic Touch. I’ve never had acupuncture but I was willing to try anything at that point. Jeanie spent a lot of time with me figuring out my range of motion and painful movements. She gave me acupuncture with some burning herbs, and some Chinese massage. She prescribed a liniment that smells like cinnamon. After just one treatment, my range of motion was much better and I could play a concert without large amounts of pain killers. The liniment helps a lot too. I’m on tour now, but I’ll be back to see Jeanie again. She was patient and caring; not something you often find in the medical world." Hawkeye Latour

"I was hesitant to try acupuncture but a friend convinced me to go see Jeanie Mossa at Holistic Touch for my back pain. She took her time and spent more than an hour with me. I got acupuncture, cupping and at the end of the session a massage. I left feeling relaxed and out of pain for the first time in weeks. Jeanie is a miracle worker. I love her sense of humor and gentle touch." Paula P.

"Hi Jeanie - I came and saw you on Monday for labor inducing acupuncture. I wanted to let you know I went into labor yesterday and delivered a baby girl at 11:00am on Thursday. I guess the acupuncture worked!! Labor went pretty fast, I dilated quickly and only had to push for 30 min. Now the real work starts!! ;)" Charlotte

"Jeanie, Thank you for the follow-up. I feel fantastic. My cramps are gone and the pain in my knees have greatly improved. I do plan to come back for additional treatments. Thank you so much for making my aching bones heal and thanks for the advice on the alternate medicines I can use. Latice I."

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